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We are setting the sustainability for the future of rail travel

Edlipse makes sure that all areas of railway systems and technology are safe and efficient.

We have been supporting rail operators and the railway industry for many decades, and we also contribute our experience from other sectors of industry. Our railway experts help you to provide safe and environmentally-friendly mobility infrastructures. With its renowned experts and test facilities, the Edlipse can offer comprehensive services in all fields associated with the railway - for both personal travel and goods transport.

Our work is international in every way. Our areas of work focus on the requirements of national safety authorities in India and abroad, and on the stipulations of Indian directives.

Comprehensive From A to Z: We check and test all components within the entire rail system. In doing so, we look much further than simply what is required to meet regulations. Because rail systems consist of a wide range of subsystems and components. As well as line networks and stationary installations, there are also rail vehicles that transport people and goods travel on this infrastructure. Also part of the rail system are, for example, conventional railways, Mono railways, Metros, High-speed, Bullet and light rail transit vehicles or people-movers Click Here.